• Carl Reese

5 Questions To Ask When Hiring To Disinfect a Business or Home for COVID19 in Valencia, CA.

Updated: May 31, 2020

We want to share what we have learned by our experience completing thousands of jobs. Our team has over twenty-six years of airborne pathogen, healthcare risk management, building envelope, and biohazard experience. In this article we will tell you what pitfalls to avoid. 

1. Is the person disinfecting your business qualified? 

Don't take their word for it... Ask if they have an OSHA HazWoper certification? OSHA and CalOSHA have regulations that require ceritification to apply chemicals, perform cleanup and wear PPE (personal protective gear). The individual should be more than happy to produce an ID card showing they are current on their Hazwoper training.

2. Do they have Indoor Air Quality certifications?


The firm working for you should have a certification in IAQ (indoor air quality). This means the individual went to school to understand the complexities of the air in your business or home. If unqualified companies are spraying chemicals that can add VOCs to your indoor air, are they making your indoor air quality worse or better? The firm should have an IAQ monitoring device(s). This equipment actively monitors the air quality inside your business. Experienced firms offer environmentally friendly solutions and have a site-specific plan for your business that should be prepared well ahead of treatment. 

3. Do they have the proper general liability insurance that specifically states "COVID?" 

Ask for a copy of their insurance before they start. If the policy says "Janitorial" or "Cleaning" without COVID included....show them the door. Janitorial/Cleaning polices will not cover business owners seeking disinfecting services for coronavirus. It takes specilized training to disinfect the air and surfaces. If their insurance does not cover COVID specifically, this can put your business at risk. At the time of this post, there are only (3) insurance companies that are underwriting insurance coverage for COVID. Existing janitorial or cleaning insurance policies will likely not cover a claim involving COVID.

4. How do they validate their work?


Companies should either be qualified to take a surface sample or provide test strips that show their services were successful. Ask those disinfecting your business to show you how they are monitoring the air quality while they work and they will validate what they have done for you. A reputable company can provide that information. 

5. Ask what is being sprayed?

The law states "You have a right to know." Do not ever let someone apply a home-made solution in your place of business. EPA labels that are approved for COVID will state what they will kill. Ask to see the label before you approve the bid. Unfortunately, we see a lot of unqualified individuals offering their services. They have the potential to make your indoor air quality worse with caustic solutions. 

 Important note: At CR Environmental LLC , we get our guidance from the CDC along with one of the world's largest clinical laboratories (the lab we use for COVID surface testing). We pair this with our 26 years of experience to deliver to you all our knowlege and expertise. This helps us tailor services for our customers based on science and not fear.

Our single mission is to eradicate this coronavirus from our homes and businesses; therefore, we offer a wide range of services that accommodate nearly everyone's budget.

We are in this together. If you have questions about this blog or want to reach us, please call us at (661) 317-2275.