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Environmentally Friendly Covid Cleaning

Imagine if the Hollies’ famous song, “The Air That I Breathe“ were written in 2020 during the Corona Virus pandemic, it might go something like this:

…Sometimes, all I need is the air that I breathe to be scrubbed, And to love you…

CREnvironmental uses EPA approved technologies and disinfecting formulas for safe and efficacious decontamination of entire rooms—even the air inside. Our first line defense is the HaloMist dry fogging technology deployed into entire rooms for complete decontamination of all surfaces plus the air. The main route of transmission of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) is believed to be through droplets emitted during speaking in close proximity, or coughing and sneezing resulting in surface contamination. Droplets have been found airborne for tens of minutes or longer and are capable of spreading disease (Stadnytskyi, Bax, Bax, & Anfinrud, 2020). Aerosols are even smaller particles than droplets (traditionally described as under 5 microns). A study published in the renowned Nature Scientific Reports, May 2020, suggests that airborne aerosolized Corona Virus can travel long distances on air currents and via ventilation systems (Nissen, et al., 2020). The CDC estimates that as many as 45% of infected people are asymptomatic (CDC, 2020); sneezes and coughs don’t have to be present for transmission.

Dry fogging has been recognized in the biosafety communities as an effective means of disinfecting large spaces since at least 2012. The HaloMist disinfectant fogging system is EPA approved for whole-room disinfection and is included on the EPA List N of effective COVID-19 disinfectants. Furthermore, the EPA granted HaloMist labeling permission specifically against emerging pathogens (EPA, 2020), like Corona Virus.

A popular secondary method being employed in Corona virus decontamination regimens are handheld electrostatic sprayers, for targeted applications and smaller spaces. It is important to note that not all formulas recognized for use against the Corona Virus are approved for use in sprayers. The EPA is expediting approvals for a variety of disinfectants against COVID-19 in electrostatic sprayers, but not all formulas are appropriate for this application method. The CDC defers to the EPA on the sprayers.

d handheld electrostatic sprayers, and the knowledge and experience to help you decide the best mode of attack. We can use them in concert and keep you singing. All you need is the air that you breathe, and CREnvironmental.

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